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The insanity of teaching...

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I looked in the mirror today.     
And thought wow I am old.    
Hints started to come like.   
When I wake up I'm cold.       

It's all gone by.                
Just a bit too fast.                  
I feel myself holding on.    
Thinking, hoping it better last.

Memories I still have.              
Of the smells of November.    
Blurry sometimes is my mind.  
Hmmm will they always remember?

It's all about my kids.           
It's unreal how they've grown.   
Hard to believe.                 
One day they'll be on their own.

I teach them now.              
Every lesson I can.             
Afraid of the thought.        
Could've I been a better man?

The problem that I have.          
Is that life can be so cruel.      
Will they be ready?             
Will they heed the golden rule?

Respect of others.             
Love for a friend.           
Empathy for a stranger.        
Family till the end...


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