Hello fellow bloggers, friends and new readers. Just anted to update my “About page”. I have been blogging on and off for two years and your comments and support really saved my life. I lost much over the last two and a half years, yet I have retained my sanity through it all.  I now have switched my focus to write about the inner most thoughts that most people, mostly men, will not even talk about let alone write… I do this to unsure I stay sane and with the hopes of helping someone else make sense of this insane world.

I will continue to write, unedited with the raw, real and unadulterated emotion that makes me who I am.

Thanks again everyone for the love and support. You saved my sanity by reading one of my blogs at a time…

Buffalosjoeyi   11-02-2013

Thanks for reading and I would hope that you could take a minute to visit my support group and page, like it, support it and stand up for what is right…Kids Deserve Both Parents…

This is me….http://www.facebook.com/#!/BuffalosJoeyI

My support group…..http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/DadsRightsCoalitionofNY/

And the page……http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Dads-Rights-Coalition-of-New-York/227778323947711


I have created this site to vent positively. I also needed a place to document the troubling happenings in my life. I love and miss my kids so bad and am fighting for custody. I started a support group and page on facebook to try and direct my feelings toward a more positive and constructive outlet.

Dads Rights Coalition of New York Page

Dads Rights Coalition of NY Group Both on FB…..

Thanks for your support,