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The weight of mistakes takes a toll

Wondering how one moves ahead

A vicious cycle trying not to dig a deeper hole

One thing I know is I won’t roll over and play dead…

We try so hard to keep smiling and pretend

I know what my intentions are

Refusing to acknowledge that this could be the end

Distance means nothing when you wish upon that star…

If you were only here now

You would surely understand

That the love this man has for you

Is engrained in every DNA strand

It’s been hard

the distance,

for you and I

I hear it, in your voice 

Please try not to cry…

Truly in love

I am and always will be

We cannot allow the negativity 

Keep us from enjoying a love that is pure and free…

Buffalos Joey I 




Today I cried

A part of my past lied

My brain is fried

A piece of my, heart has died.

My tear ducts swell

In a daze I almost fell

Staring into space I dwell

Is it your soul,  you would also sell?

I wish this were all fake

My demise is what’s at stake

My heart and soul you wish to take

But my resolve, you cannot break.

Get your blanky its story time still

Running your mouth almost at will 

I must admit I’ve had my fill 

I may forgive but stay out of my grill

I will raise them to be men

Enjoy life while they can

They will know where I’ve been

For they are cubs,  in the lions den.


It’s a most difficult day,

Words are but few…

To hold you close,

Is all I want to do.

Decisions that are made,

Have consequences just the same.

We cannot be afraid

Nor choose to throw around blame.

Your beauty remains seared

Frozen in my mind

When confronted by another

I promise to be blind…

What we share together is great

It’s a love story for the ages

I cherish this very moment,

Writing about you on these pages…

I Love my Ginger,

Buffalos Joey I



Dark Angels prey…
In the fury of the faceless
and the unforgettable nameless
nobody cares of their plight
and the dark angels go against whats right.
These are the forgotten unknown folk
sadly, the butt of the everlasting joke
hungry, alone and sitting on an empty crate
the dark angels callously choose their fate.
As we walk along ignoring their faces
paasing through life never hearing their cases
never caring for those in need
the dark angels await to feed.
On the souls of the lost
their time is of no cost
greed and chaos they wont reject
the dark angels see another project.
The evil shall forever
try to stay…
yet the light of the just
keeps them at bay…

Buffalos Joey I

Time for America to step up and help its own less fortunate!

Sanity picBlank stare…

Stuck in this series of blank stare emotions
Never have I understood what drives these weird notions
That writing happy thoughts could come with ease
But the darker side prevails and it still doesn’t please…

It’s always been easy to express my pain and fears
Writings have always come with a flood of falling tears
I try maybe too hard to print what is good in my plight
In this roller coaster life, the only words that fall…
never seem quite right…

Buffalos Joey I

Another blip
Normal rhythm
My heart no longer skips a beat

Another time
Normal place
Where it’s safe to walk on my own feet

Crazy turns
Shameful ways
I know now where my heart leads

Maybe sometime
Could’ve been
I see your heart now no longer bleeds

Been so long
I never feel
The skipping beats, pretend surreal

I am better now
I know it’s true
She has red hair and her eyes are blue

She stole my heart
Made me whole
To be so lucky wasn’t ever my goal

I will walk the line
I promise you
For my love is surely true


Eternal Love…

Fear not my brother
For she is always by your side…
You loved, you laughed
You held each other when you cried.

Your love is eternal
You say she made you a better man…
We witnessed the struggle
Last you were, to hold her precious hand

We are proud to have known her
She fought with honor and glory
The lessons of your love
That is the real story…

In loving memory of Christine Imperi



A poem for a dear friend…

Your smile was infectious
your laugh unmistakable
always willing to help
and your devotion unbreakable

You grew up quickly beyond your years
Shy and unassuming when you were young
Never afraid to talk about your fears
everyone so proud of who you had become

Years have passed
but a part of me, you remained
always have I loved you
In my memory you are engrained

It was not meant to be
We’ve all had our moments to cry
please watch over us now
as you hover in the sky

You were a loving mother, wife, sister and friend
You left nothing on this earth untouched in the end…

Rest in Peace Renee,
Always and forever remembered…


If time cannot erase all that pains me

and there is nowhere left to turn

How can I even carry on 

without ever holding what I yearn…

We try always I know

to remember all that was great

Eliminating those ugly truths

and accepting our fate…

Its like a strand of thread

pulled, stretched and frayed

Bent yet not broken

maybe hope just delayed…

Carrying on as I must

yet the dust has yet to settle down

My heart is what I must trust

while I concentrate on my frown.


Buffalos Joey I



Our time, for my boys…

I miss all the laughter
And even when they bicker
The smiles when I get them
Makes my blood a bit thicker

Time is never fair
It goes by ever so fast
We need to find a way
To make the time we have last

Our time is just that
It is ours alone
Seeing them in real time
So much sweeter than the phone

I have guilt that will never fade
And I will never feel the same
Memories are what is now made
There is nobody to blame

I tell them every chance I get
That I love them so
And give a wry smile
When they sarcastically call me Joe

I am not the same
When they are not here
It is the pain that I wish
Will one day disappear…

I will always be daddy
To the boys I choose to see
Every chance that I get
Is a blessing to me…

Dedicated to Christian and Alexander…

Buffalos Joey I

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