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The weight of mistakes takes a toll

Wondering how one moves ahead

A vicious cycle trying not to dig a deeper hole

One thing I know is I won’t roll over and play dead…

We try so hard to keep smiling and pretend

I know what my intentions are

Refusing to acknowledge that this could be the end

Distance means nothing when you wish upon that star…

If you were only here now

You would surely understand

That the love this man has for you

Is engrained in every DNA strand

It’s been hard

the distance,

for you and I

I hear it, in your voice 

Please try not to cry…

Truly in love

I am and always will be

We cannot allow the negativity 

Keep us from enjoying a love that is pure and free…

Buffalos Joey I 




It’s the simple things
that make me smile
Like a trek in the woods
Holding hands for a while

Snuggled in
Watching a show
Sharing a meal
Yes fresh flowers make her glow

Taken back
to a simpler time
Where nothing matters
But her love of a rhyme

Happier now
and I am content
So turned on
By her amazing scent

A lucky man
And I must declare
She was worth the wait…
Boy do I love to stare

With her beautiful smile
Endless red hair
I will go the extra mile
To show her I care

I’m in love and content
And she knows it to be true
My heart beats faster
And I am no longer blue…

Carry on I shall,
As she deserves the best,
To be a better man
And forget all the rest…


Another blip
Normal rhythm
My heart no longer skips a beat

Another time
Normal place
Where it’s safe to walk on my own feet

Crazy turns
Shameful ways
I know now where my heart leads

Maybe sometime
Could’ve been
I see your heart now no longer bleeds

Been so long
I never feel
The skipping beats, pretend surreal

I am better now
I know it’s true
She has red hair and her eyes are blue

She stole my heart
Made me whole
To be so lucky wasn’t ever my goal

I will walk the line
I promise you
For my love is surely true


Eternal Love…

Fear not my brother
For she is always by your side…
You loved, you laughed
You held each other when you cried.

Your love is eternal
You say she made you a better man…
We witnessed the struggle
Last you were, to hold her precious hand

We are proud to have known her
She fought with honor and glory
The lessons of your love
That is the real story…

In loving memory of Christine Imperi


If time cannot erase all that pains me

and there is nowhere left to turn

How can I even carry on 

without ever holding what I yearn…

We try always I know

to remember all that was great

Eliminating those ugly truths

and accepting our fate…

Its like a strand of thread

pulled, stretched and frayed

Bent yet not broken

maybe hope just delayed…

Carrying on as I must

yet the dust has yet to settle down

My heart is what I must trust

while I concentrate on my frown.


Buffalos Joey I



Our time, for my boys…

I miss all the laughter
And even when they bicker
The smiles when I get them
Makes my blood a bit thicker

Time is never fair
It goes by ever so fast
We need to find a way
To make the time we have last

Our time is just that
It is ours alone
Seeing them in real time
So much sweeter than the phone

I have guilt that will never fade
And I will never feel the same
Memories are what is now made
There is nobody to blame

I tell them every chance I get
That I love them so
And give a wry smile
When they sarcastically call me Joe

I am not the same
When they are not here
It is the pain that I wish
Will one day disappear…

I will always be daddy
To the boys I choose to see
Every chance that I get
Is a blessing to me…

Dedicated to Christian and Alexander…

Buffalos Joey I


The darkness cascades
It takes all of me to be bold
Hiding in the shadows
The emptiness is cold

Gripped with uncertainty
Like walking a path with no sight
Twists and turns of emotion
Forever in search of the light

There was once a glimmer of hope
It was inside of me
Forever and long ago
All but now a memory.

Buffalos Joey I

Bogged down mind…


If I could change one thing
It would be me
I wanted to be different
Yet my mind is not free
I am stuck in a place
Where fear rules it all
I have nowhere to really turn
I can’t seem to stop this free fall
If ever there was a way
To only find the will
And break free of these chains
That constantly keep me still
I may one day find the courage
To do what it is I need
A friend would be most helpful
To look between the lines and read
What the signs have been saying
They may not be so clear to you
But day and night I am praying
For the answer of what to do.

Buffalos Joey I

Another color in our faces
the world’s made of different races
If being different is the new hip
No worries, I won’t give you the slip

Orange they say is the new black
But TV to me is just a bit whack
tooling around with paper and pen
Wow, wrote another poem just then

I’ve changed the way I see them all right!
Colors of people day and night
It’s not what’s outside that makes who they are
But the ugliness inside them is what keeps me far…

Don’t judge nor fear the color you see
If you are cool, then you are ok with me

Buffalos Joey I

Written for prompt of the week on Poets of G+

Amazing how changes
Infiltrate the mind
And rearranges

The life you once knew
Lost and forgotten
She was nothing to you

But to me she was all but unknown
Until after a simple conversation
I let my true inner-self be shown

It’s a story never to be told
Unlikely to be written
Another day refusing to be bold

Emotionally, It’s really just to bad
Oh for the love of humanity
Another beautiful life never to be had

Courage, love and determination
Distraught and alone
Oh the humanity and frustration…

In another life, maybe

Buffalos Joey I

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