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Eternal Love…

Fear not my brother
For she is always by your side…
You loved, you laughed
You held each other when you cried.

Your love is eternal
You say she made you a better man…
We witnessed the struggle
Last you were, to hold her precious hand

We are proud to have known her
She fought with honor and glory
The lessons of your love
That is the real story…

In loving memory of Christine Imperi




In the insurmountable ideals
Of a people sometimes lost
Wanders a mighty few
Who do it all at no cost

They are the faceless
True heroes of our time
Never afraid to take a chance
Always ready to make the climb

You may never see them
Or ever know who they are
But they care more than most
And will always go a bit more far

I speak of our protectors
Whom fight for your rights
My brother is among them
I am proud that he’s one who fights

Thank a Veteran today…

Buffalos Joey I

I stand broken
along the contrast of right
its dark and cold
and yet noone knows my plight

I stand alone
in the contrast as one
Winter is here
we know what must be done

I stand confused
in the contrast of the blur
cold is my heart
yes I miss her

I stand tall
in the sharpness of the light
warmer times I recall
knowing I will do whats right…

Buffalos Joey I

My mind races with thoughts of the past
Filled with images of better times I thought would last
Working through the pain, sadness and despair
Confused as to why another would bother to care
The gifts of life are love, happiness and bliss
It is something real that this mind does miss
Trying to enjoy what is life’s appeal
Truly wondering, this time… Is it real?

Buffalos Joey I

Frankly my dear
It’s just another day
The moments pass by
Wishing there was another way

It all seems just to cruel
Fending off the demons
An addictive heart of a fool

The ways of the world amaze me
Your scent drives the craze in me
Your smile keeps the daze in me
And needing to know the ways into thee

Many wish on this day
For something to hold on too
For me it’s been everyday
That I wait for three words from you

Buffalos Joey I


Distant yet still fresh
I could never forget
It felt like home
No memory to regret

The site of you
Then the embrace
A smile that’s still true
My heart begins to race

I never deserved
The love you dared
A dish cold served
Is one you never shared

Always true
Ready with a smile
The memory of you
And your quirky style

Have made me miss
Some things from my past
Shared moments of bliss
I’m sorry it didn’t last

Never accept
Less than you desire
Please remember me
Next time you’re by the fire…

Buffalos Joey I


It smells as I remember
Neighborhood is not so tame
Weathered, old and peeling paint
Yet the memories are the same

Looking for familiar faces
Seeing all that’s been lost
Amazed at the new places
I see through the windows frost

Family it seems never gets old
Although reality creeps in fast
It’s time to step out in the cold
To a world from my past

To teach my kids where I am from
Is a joy I hold dear
Yes my son this is where I come
To remember all that is clear…

This old house still looks the same
Weathered, old and peeling paint
She stands tall in the memory game
As a structure of a holy saint…

Buffalos Joey I

IMG_1470Promises broken…

We shared a love that was surely grand

you are perfect still even today

I wanted our love to learn to withstand

everything they would dare to say…

Will we ever be together?

probably not

I always refused to say never

and bravely gave it my best shot.

I realize now that I may be a fool

thinking I could be the one

but your love made me feel so cool

does a broken promise mean we’re done?

We never even speak anymore

who knows what you think in your head

It just means I will need to find another door

because broken promises don’t mean I’m dead

I have lived with the suffering and pain too long

broken promises, I need to let go

I will rejoice again to sing another song

yet the healing of my broken heart is slow…

Buffalos Joey I

There is no better feeling than sand between the toes

Except the warm touch of your lips

The smell of your hair, you know how the story goes…

I do that while holding your hips

Your eyes as wide and innocent as could be

I see everlasting beauty my dear

Remembering your last kiss with me…

was it our last is what I fear

To my heart and my mind

utter tranquility you give

what are the chances that I could find…

any other way to live?

Buffalos Joey I




I guess it really all starts with our reflections…

We all know the real person inside of them. Left with that knowledge we venture out into the world. Slowly, building walls we know very few will ever dare crawl over.  Those people who do make an attempt are the ones worth keeping in your life.  Why do we fear who we really are? And why do we allow only a chosen few inside the real us? We hide behind the veil of imitation, pretending to be something we know down deep we really are not. We despise the truth at times. When faced with a decision we look into our reflections and ask the questions we fear to speak aloud. Sometimes hoping the answers are mouthed back. These answers we seek are almost never found in the reflections we see but are felt from within our own skin. It is that which are heart tells us to be the truth that we then must follow. This brings forth the leap of faith we must endure. When a person climbs your walls we are left with a choice. One can build bigger walls or finally give in to the truth we sought in our reflections but already knew in our hearts. It is the absurdity of our own insecurities that keeps us from ever feeling truly like ourselves. In order to become whom we know we can be, our walls must be breached. Our minds need to be open and our hearts forgiving. We will never truly be happy until we finally set our hearts free, ease our minds and give in to the reality we avoid. The path to true happiness is never paved alone. It is only when the senselessness of our insecurities disrupts our path, prevents the walls from falling and keeps true love away do we look at our reflections and mouth those words….why!!!!!…

The ones worth keeping in your life are also the ones we must continue to fight for. It is this fight that keeps our fires inside burning. The unmistakable wanting of it all is…we need to love that reflection, yet for some…the insanity is only quelled by the touch, the feel and the warmth from the climber of your walls. They are few and far between yet if you find one…. they are worth an eternity to wait for. Unconditional love is the cure we all seek. We get one shot at this life, do not waste it pushing those who chose to make that climb back over the edge. Although they may have needed to rest from the climb, do not shun them for their own insecurities. For you may regret the insanity you feel looking back from that reflection for the rest of your days…


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