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The insanity of teaching...

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I looked in the mirror today.         
And thought wow I am old.       
Hints started to come like.      
When I wake up I'm cold.               

It's all gone by.                                
Just a bit too fast.                                   
I feel myself holding on.       
Thinking, hoping it better last.

Memories I still have.                           
Of the smells of November.        
Blurry sometimes is my mind.   
Hmmm will they always remember?

It's all about my kids.                      
It's unreal how they've grown.     
Hard to believe.                                  
One day they'll be on their own.

I teach them now.                           
Every lesson I can.                          
Afraid of the thought.               
Could've I been a better man?

The problem that I have.                   
Is that life can be so cruel.            
Will they be ready?                          
Will they heed the golden rule?

Respect of others.                         
Love for a friend.                     
Empathy for a stranger.               
Family till the end...


Sometimes we lose sight,

Unintentionally, remorseful 

When reminded, do what’s right.

Occasionally we are to blame

Intentional communications 

Always fan the flame.

Never give up on ones you trust

Unintentional consequences 

Admit wrongdoings when you must.

Say I love you

Intentionally from the heart

Honesty is truly a fine start…


All rights reserved



It’s where your heart is
A memory of a kiss
A favorite fishing spot
Someone you miss

Not just where to hang your hat
But where to hold one dear
It’s the love of the air
That makes everything so clear

Home is where your heart is
Never forget the love you share
It’s ok to feel home sick
Or even go back if you dare…

The mountains will welcome you
The folks will always wave
Home and the little things
Are what we all crave…



All rights reserved

I will not tell you
For you already know
How dear to me you are.

I could never ask you
For I probably have
Do you ever wish upon a star?

We will one day see
For we surely understand
That our love will last

We can withstand the pain
For strong we’ve been
Knowing our visits go fast

I love you more beautiful
I tell you always
It’s the truth I serve

I will live my life
For its destiny you see
To give what you deserve…


The sound of your voice makes me smile

Slowly in I breathe deep

I would walk, run and drive every mile

To sit quietly and watch you sleep…

The touch of your hand keeps me sane

I am intoxicated by your scent

I would do anything to steal your pain

Where you’ve walked, I’ve dreamt

When I close my eyes

I feel your love,

I hear the silence,

I need you…

Joseph A. Imperi
All rights reserved


She has the will of a warrior

Yet the patience of a saint

The beauty of a goddess

That all the greats would paint…

Fighting for her life

Without glamour or fame

This is a true test of faith

Not an ounce of blame…

Proud, beautiful yet always tired

Never one to complain

Stubborn, strong yet albeit mired

In the grips of internal pain…

Carries inside a heart of gold

Yet warn down from the fight

She has a warm heart yet still bold

Always doing what seems right…

Cancer is an ugly disease

It will make you want to drop

All I can do is love and say please

Don’t give up or ever stop.

You are loved by many

Known closely by few

Admired so very deeply

Always remember, I love you!

Joseph Imperi


All rights reserved


The weight of mistakes takes a toll

Wondering how one moves ahead

A vicious cycle trying not to dig a deeper hole

One thing I know is I won’t roll over and play dead…

We try so hard to keep smiling and pretend

I know what my intentions are

Refusing to acknowledge that this could be the end

Distance means nothing when you wish upon that star…

If you were only here now

You would surely understand

That the love this man has for you

Is engrained in every DNA strand

It’s been hard

the distance,

for you and I

I hear it, in your voice 

Please try not to cry…

Truly in love

I am and always will be

We cannot allow the negativity 

Keep us from enjoying a love that is pure and free…

Buffalos Joey I 



It’s the simple things
that make me smile
Like a trek in the woods
Holding hands for a while

Snuggled in
Watching a show
Sharing a meal
Yes fresh flowers make her glow

Taken back
to a simpler time
Where nothing matters
But her love of a rhyme

Happier now
and I am content
So turned on
By her amazing scent

A lucky man
And I must declare
She was worth the wait…
Boy do I love to stare

With her beautiful smile
Endless red hair
I will go the extra mile
To show her I care

I’m in love and content
And she knows it to be true
My heart beats faster
And I am no longer blue…

Carry on I shall,
As she deserves the best,
To be a better man
And forget all the rest…



If she only could…

If she could only fathom the beauty that I see
Maybe her life would be a bit more stress free
Always worried about what they might say
Yet her beauty I cherish every day.

It is the little things she does
That make my heart skip a beat
The beauty of her everything
Is what makes our love so sweet…

That last first kiss
We shared together was grand
Lucky do I feel
When I get to hold her hand.

Although we share less time
Our love doesn’t diminish
We lit this fire together
And it’s a love that will never finish…



It’s a most difficult day,

Words are but few…

To hold you close,

Is all I want to do.

Decisions that are made,

Have consequences just the same.

We cannot be afraid

Nor choose to throw around blame.

Your beauty remains seared

Frozen in my mind

When confronted by another

I promise to be blind…

What we share together is great

It’s a love story for the ages

I cherish this very moment,

Writing about you on these pages…

I Love my Ginger,

Buffalos Joey I


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