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Do you have wishes?

Because I have dreams

They are not of the lofty sort

Basic needs for my soul…

Do you have dreams?

Because I have wishes

Not of the greedy type

Simply to be a better man for you

Do you have needs?

Because I have wants

Not of the lusty sort

Just the chance to hold you tight

Do you have wants?

Yes I have needs

Not to worry though

They are on hold, waiting for us…

Do you hurt?

Yes I have pain 

Not of a physical way, just heartache 

That I cannot quench in a day…

Do you have pain?

Yes I hurt…

Not to mention that 

I so miss you in every way… 

Comforted only by your scent, your touch and the sound of your heartbeat. 

Do you… love as I do? 
Buffalos Joey I 

December 13, 2016

All rights reserved


Lost her breath

Heart skipped a beat

Every chance I get

With my eyes, I sweep her off her feet

In my arms

I steal a glance

Her smile starts on the inside

She steps back out of her stance.

I see the happiness come forth

It’s love that I evoke

From the depths within

I have given hope to her heart that I awoke.

Hand in hand

Everywhere we go

Day after day

Like a seedling it shall grow

Evoking truth

Awakening desire

Gingerly stepping 

Forth from the ring of fire

My heart is strong

My mind is clear

With you by my side

There is nothing to fear…


All rights reserved.

The sound of your voice makes me smile

Slowly in I breathe deep

I would walk, run and drive every mile

To sit quietly and watch you sleep…

The touch of your hand keeps me sane

I am intoxicated by your scent

I would do anything to steal your pain

Where you’ve walked, I’ve dreamt

When I close my eyes

I feel your love,

I hear the silence,

I need you…

Joseph A. Imperi
All rights reserved


A poem for a dear friend…

Your smile was infectious
your laugh unmistakable
always willing to help
and your devotion unbreakable

You grew up quickly beyond your years
Shy and unassuming when you were young
Never afraid to talk about your fears
everyone so proud of who you had become

Years have passed
but a part of me, you remained
always have I loved you
In my memory you are engrained

It was not meant to be
We’ve all had our moments to cry
please watch over us now
as you hover in the sky

You were a loving mother, wife, sister and friend
You left nothing on this earth untouched in the end…

Rest in Peace Renee,
Always and forever remembered…



In the insurmountable ideals
Of a people sometimes lost
Wanders a mighty few
Who do it all at no cost

They are the faceless
True heroes of our time
Never afraid to take a chance
Always ready to make the climb

You may never see them
Or ever know who they are
But they care more than most
And will always go a bit more far

I speak of our protectors
Whom fight for your rights
My brother is among them
I am proud that he’s one who fights

Thank a Veteran today…

Buffalos Joey I


Our time, for my boys…

I miss all the laughter
And even when they bicker
The smiles when I get them
Makes my blood a bit thicker

Time is never fair
It goes by ever so fast
We need to find a way
To make the time we have last

Our time is just that
It is ours alone
Seeing them in real time
So much sweeter than the phone

I have guilt that will never fade
And I will never feel the same
Memories are what is now made
There is nobody to blame

I tell them every chance I get
That I love them so
And give a wry smile
When they sarcastically call me Joe

I am not the same
When they are not here
It is the pain that I wish
Will one day disappear…

I will always be daddy
To the boys I choose to see
Every chance that I get
Is a blessing to me…

Dedicated to Christian and Alexander…

Buffalos Joey I

Bogged down mind…


If I could change one thing
It would be me
I wanted to be different
Yet my mind is not free
I am stuck in a place
Where fear rules it all
I have nowhere to really turn
I can’t seem to stop this free fall
If ever there was a way
To only find the will
And break free of these chains
That constantly keep me still
I may one day find the courage
To do what it is I need
A friend would be most helpful
To look between the lines and read
What the signs have been saying
They may not be so clear to you
But day and night I am praying
For the answer of what to do.

Buffalos Joey I

Amazing how changes
Infiltrate the mind
And rearranges

The life you once knew
Lost and forgotten
She was nothing to you

But to me she was all but unknown
Until after a simple conversation
I let my true inner-self be shown

It’s a story never to be told
Unlikely to be written
Another day refusing to be bold

Emotionally, It’s really just to bad
Oh for the love of humanity
Another beautiful life never to be had

Courage, love and determination
Distraught and alone
Oh the humanity and frustration…

In another life, maybe

Buffalos Joey I

We suffer from within
Alone and fearful
Were do we begin

Fearful of the future
And what it may hold
Basically afraid to move
Decisions, they must be bold

Never before
Would I hesitate
The unknown is scary
And I fear my fate

I suffer within
I’m alone and fearful
Please Lord, forgive my sin…

Buffalos Joey I

Your love, it takes my breath away
and yes, moves me until I sway
it stops the world when we kiss
oh yes, it’s you that I so miss

the dream of the future is a bit more clear
I want to be there to quell your fear
to hold your hand and be by your side
to enjoy every moment and every ride

The rollercoaster of life
has brought every emotion to the fore
yet the story is still being written
and will be passed down through lore

Unconditional love comes to those whom deserve
yet really all it takes is a bit of nerve
so step away from the norm and be who you must
for my unconditional love is one you can trust.

Buffalos Joey I

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