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She has the will of a warrior

Yet the patience of a saint

The beauty of a goddess

That all the greats would paint…

Fighting for her life

Without glamour or fame

This is a true test of faith

Not an ounce of blame…

Proud, beautiful yet always tired

Never one to complain

Stubborn, strong yet albeit mired

In the grips of internal pain…

Carries inside a heart of gold

Yet warn down from the fight

She has a warm heart yet still bold

Always doing what seems right…

Cancer is an ugly disease

It will make you want to drop

All I can do is love and say please

Don’t give up or ever stop.

You are loved by many

Known closely by few

Admired so very deeply

Always remember, I love you!

Joseph Imperi


All rights reserved



It’s a most difficult day,

Words are but few…

To hold you close,

Is all I want to do.

Decisions that are made,

Have consequences just the same.

We cannot be afraid

Nor choose to throw around blame.

Your beauty remains seared

Frozen in my mind

When confronted by another

I promise to be blind…

What we share together is great

It’s a love story for the ages

I cherish this very moment,

Writing about you on these pages…

I Love my Ginger,

Buffalos Joey I


Another blip
Normal rhythm
My heart no longer skips a beat

Another time
Normal place
Where it’s safe to walk on my own feet

Crazy turns
Shameful ways
I know now where my heart leads

Maybe sometime
Could’ve been
I see your heart now no longer bleeds

Been so long
I never feel
The skipping beats, pretend surreal

I am better now
I know it’s true
She has red hair and her eyes are blue

She stole my heart
Made me whole
To be so lucky wasn’t ever my goal

I will walk the line
I promise you
For my love is surely true


Bogged down mind…


If I could change one thing
It would be me
I wanted to be different
Yet my mind is not free
I am stuck in a place
Where fear rules it all
I have nowhere to really turn
I can’t seem to stop this free fall
If ever there was a way
To only find the will
And break free of these chains
That constantly keep me still
I may one day find the courage
To do what it is I need
A friend would be most helpful
To look between the lines and read
What the signs have been saying
They may not be so clear to you
But day and night I am praying
For the answer of what to do.

Buffalos Joey I

Love. Wanting.Waiting.Hope…


It keeps you paralyzed by the phone,

Wanting for it to ring again sad you are alone.

Waiting for those special words you hold so dear,

Hoping to hear them again, yet this wish is unclear.


The wanting  of your love you see

has started to get the very best of me.

The hopes and dreams shared once long ago

Are now the only  memories I care to know.


It is the time we spend within our minds

when we realize this world can be cruel and unkind.

Waiting  for something that seems so ever far away

its the time and place unknown that keeps this love at bay.


With uncertainty shimmering and clouding all hope

the past remains true and the future a slippery slope.

we cannot let the fear of the unknown discourage our life

because two hearts deserve to be one and become man and wife.

These words are spoken so that it can be known

As time goes on, with our love, we are never truly alone…


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